First and only proven tee test to improve distance

Precision Ball Marking Tool

1 inch "Hybrid Tee" for Irons & Hybrid Clubs

Easiest and fastest way to counter weight your grip.


Performance-Driven Green Keepers Products for Serious Golfers

First and only tee proven in two tests to improve distance.

“4 Yards More” Golf Tees have been proven in the Performance Tee category. Available at retailers nationwide, the tee has claimed multiple victories on the Champions and LPGA Tours. Including Gil Morgan’s victory at the Wal-Mart First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. As golfers discover the distance it adds to drives, it is an essential in every golfer’s bag.

Easiest and fastest way to counter weight your grip.

Improve accuracy and distance controls. Improve your putter's Kinesthetic Feel between your hands and grip. Put a sense of direct heaviness in your hands to help stabilize the putter head. For use on all putters and transferable when you replace your grip.

NEW PRODUCT: The NEW Line M Up Pro with the NEW Sharpie Brush Tip Pens

This combination of the # 1 Ball lining device in golf along with Sharpies latest offering of the new Brush Tip pen combine to make the sharpest aiming lines on a golf ball to date!!! The product is available in all 4 standard colors, Black, Red, Blue, Green. Also included are two bonus 4 Hybrid Tees!



Personalized Ball Marking Tool

LINE M UP PRO Precision Ball Alignment Tool with 4YardsMore tee

Sink More Putts, Hit More Fairways and Save Strokes. Sharpie Mini Attached or Original LINE M UP

LINE M UP PRO Putt Positioning System (PPS) and Positioning Ball Marker

Sink More Putts, Hit More Fairways and Save Stokes. Improves Aim, Stroke, and Green Reading Abilities. Multiple Market Options


I started using my 4 more yards golf tee on 4/3/13 and used it through 6/8/15 I play 18 holes of golf four times a week and estimate that i hit the tee over 2300 times. A really amazing product. The tip of the feather broke off and I retired the tee. Joseph H.

I just got the shipment and just want to say thank you!! I really believe im hitting farther with this tee and gain alot of distance from it. Its truly the best tee i ever use. Greatly appreciate your support!! Thank you" Kevin Kim 2014 tour

Thank you so much Frank! I hope to give you so more business. Everyone that has tried the Posi-Set loved the feel. Thanks for the tees they are the one I always use!! Joe R
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Founded in 1996, Green Keepers, Inc. is a golf accessory manufacturer located in Philadelphia. We proudly make all our products in the USA.

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